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Ivar Abrahamsen

IT consultancy in Alton, Hampshire, outside London, close to Basingstoke, Fleet, Guildford, Farnborough, Farnham, Aldershot, Winchester, Woking, Reading, Southampton and Portsmouth

Architect, Tech Lead, Developer contract roles within Java or Scala

About Eray by Flurdy

Eray by Flurdy Ltd is an IT consultancy, originally known as electric ray.

1998: Ivar Abrahamsen and Hans Solgaard starts electric ray in Manchester to develop web sites for friends.

2001: Eray is continued by Ivar Abrahamsen for minor consultancy services.

2014: Ivar works full time for Eray by Flurdy via Contractor Umbrella.

2015: Eray by Flurdy Ltd is formed.

About Ivar

Ivar Abrahamsen is Eray by Flurdy Ltd's founder and lead consultant.

Ivar is a Software Engineer and is available as:

He graduated in 1997 with a BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Manchester. Ivar currently lives in Alton, Hampshire outside London.

Ivar's main technical skills are within Scala and Java®, with a variety of databases (Postgres, Cassandra) and infrastructure (AWS, Kubernetes, Docker), integrating a polyglot mix of relevant languages, technologies and architecture design.

A large part of his roles involve creating, leading, coaching and mentoring teams and proxying product owners.

He has worked on site at clients based in the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Qatar, and remotely with many more.


With clients in many different industries:

  • Large multi national banks and financial insitutions
  • Multi national mobile telecom operators
  • International music labels and mobile content providers
  • Oil & gas, and nuclear power companies
  • Estate agents and house builders
  • Online retailers and Supermarket chains
  • Social networking sites
  • Entertainment and games studios
  • Government agencies

Many has been small startups as well as several multi-national enterprises.

About Flurdy

Ivar is also known as flurdy and is actively involved in Open Source development. The website contains many free guides, tips and opinions of OSS based software, agile project methods, etc.

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